Osuga Machine has designed superior machines for manufacturing pipe ends. An Osuga machine can produce a pipe end with applications from refrigerators to automobiles. Examples - click here

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Osuga Machine Inc. established a new factory in Thailand in August 2011.

User-friendliness has been achieved
via the design of each product.

Control system is completely renewed for easy operations.
Pipe benders: CNC-MJ-Mini 2  -  CNC-MJ-10-2  -  CNC-MJ-20-2A-Special
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Full Automatic Line 

全自動パイプ加工ラインThe ease in operation has increased the productivity of each machine. And as a result, the processing lines of manufacturers using an Osuga machine can be fully automated. Thus, manufacturers using Osuga machines need not contract for pipe ends from other manufacturers - but can simply produce the least expensive, yet highest quality parts within their own factories.

 CNC Pipe benders

Liquid Crystal Color touch panel is introduced for equipment operation. Operation method is same as exisiting but more simple. Operation by using Touch panel screen is simple and required input information are minimized for easy operation.  n Products

Pipe cutters 

Pipe cutter / Tube cutterThe Osuga automatic pipe and tube cutting machine series - friendly to the environment and people.
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 Pipe end shapers

パイプ端末加工機Now, Osuga machine has made ease of operation and increased productivity a reality. Until now, the plasticity processing method could not produce a machine capable of complicated and accurate pipe end formation. As with all our products, automatic feeder and product inspection devices are available. 
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